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Roxbury boasts a very eclectic condo market. There are lots of advantages to living in a condo in this part of the city. First, they tend to have a lot more space, so they're ideal for people who like to spread out or for growing families. Second, property values throughout the city tend to rise steadily from one year to the next, so buying a condo in Roxbury is an excellent investment. Another perk of living in a Roxbury condo – whether you rent it or buy it – is that the grounds and common areas are maintained for you. This is great news for busy professionals who don't have the time or desire to tend to backyards, sidewalks and other chores related to homeownership.

Boston City Properties is staffed by experienced real estate professionals who understand the Roxbury condominium market well. We can help you navigate the hundreds of listings for condos in this desirable part of the city and point you in the direction of communities and complexes that include the features and amenities you need.

Neighborhood Features

Like most other Boston neighborhoods, Roxbury is further divided into several smaller sections. Fort Hill is among the most popular and desirable. A steady influx of students and young professionals keeps this area vibrant and exciting. Lately, numerous tech startups and other businesses have sprung up in the vicinity of Dudley Square, which is also considered to be the neighborhood's commercial hub. It's also where you'll find the Dudley Branch Library, which is a branch of the Boston Public Library. Other popular sections of Roxbury include Crosstown and Grove Hall. We can help you identify the streets and neighborhoods that have the features you need to ensure that your new condo or apartment suits your criteria to a T.

With more than 570 acres of parks, athletic fields and playgrounds, Roxbury is something of a green oasis in the midst of a bustling urban landscape. Between 2000 and 2010, the population here grew by nearly 17 percent. That's great news for people who are looking for apartments and condos in Roxbury these days because there's never been a larger variety of available housing options. As great as the variety is, it's also quite daunting to anyone who's not familiar with the neighborhood. That's where Boston City Properties steps in to make a huge difference.

Finding the Perfect Condo or Apartment in Roxbury

The first step to finding a great condo or apartment in Roxbury is connecting with the right real estate company. You've got that and more with Boston City Properties. Next, you need to consider what appeals to you the most about living in Roxbury. If it's being in close proximity of Longwood Medical Area, which is otherwise known as Longwood or LMA, you'll be glad to know there are tons of apartments, lofts, studios and condos for rent within easy walking distance of that bustling area. Perhaps you're drawn to Roxbury because it's close to downtown without the downtown prices. Indeed, you're never far from Boston Common and other great area landmarks. Whatever is attracting you to Roxbury, let Boston City Properties help you locate the perfect rental. You'll be moved into your new apartment or condo in no time!