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Welcome to Roxbury! If you are looking for an apartment for rent or condo for sale you have come to the right website. With insider information from Boston City Properties, you can quickly zero in on apartments and condos that suit your budgetary and lifestyle needs. The city's Roxbury neighborhood is a great place to consider. As befits a neighborhood that was once its own small town, Roxbury continues to boast a close-knit, intimate feel. As with buying or renting a place anywhere in a major city, though, finding the right accommodations can be daunting. This website was created to help you find the best apartment or condo possible by providing free access to the largest real estate database in the Boston area.

Roxbury: An Overview

A great deal has been said about Roxbury through the years. After all, it was originally founded in 1630, which was well before Massachusetts was even a state. For many years, Roxbury – which was originally named Rocksberry – was little more than a rural outpost. It began flourishing in the 18th century, however, and officially became a city in 1846. Cityhood didn't last long for Roxbury, though; it was annexed into the city of Boston in 1868. Since then, it has retained its identity as a pivotal neighborhood in this bustling city.

Roxbury is in the geographic center of Boston, so it's convenient to just about everything. Its boundaries are roughly formed by Davenport Street, East Lenox Street, Hammond Street and Melnea Cass Boulevard. Franklin Park is situated near the southern end of the neighborhood, and downtown Boston is not too far to the north. The neighborhood is sandwiched between Brookline to the west and Dorchester to the east, and it's within close proximity of some of the city's most popular and highly attended colleges and universities.

Apartments for Rent in Roxbury - Prices

When initially beginning a search for an apartment in Roxbury, Boston, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. At any given moment, there are literally hundreds of active listings. Options range from bare-bones studio apartments to lavish luxury apartments with all of the latest and best amenities and features. Accordingly, monthly rent varies considerably as well. When all types of apartments and other rentals are taken into consideration, the average monthly rent in Roxbury is right around $1,800. A two-bedroom apartment will cost you upwards of $2000 per month in the current rental market. Of course, things change quickly, which is why it pays to work closely with Boston City Properties. We keep our finger continually on the pulse of the Roxbury rental market to ensure our clients always have accurate, useful information at their disposal.

Rental Options in the Neighborhood

You can take your pick from a vast array of rental options in Roxbury. The neighborhood is dominated by historic brick row houses and classic triple-decker homes. Many of these single-family units have been restored and converted into apartments, lofts, studios and condos, so a plethora of options is available at any given moment. Naturally, a number of apartment communities and condominium complexes dot the landscape in Roxbury as well, including several buildings that are multiple stories high and afford great views of not just Roxbury but of the amazing Boston skyline. The diverse mix of people who call Roxbury home have contributed to the eclectic array of rental options in this part of the city. Everyone from single professionals to large families can easily find suitable places to live in this vibrant neighborhood. With help from Boston City Properties, you will be able to as well.

As you browse listings for apartments for rent in Roxbury, you're sure to be surprised by the sheer variety of options. Most apartment buildings offer everything from studio apartments with open floor plans to three- and four-bedroom units with two or more bathrooms. Still, certain properties only offer limited numbers of options, and navigating through them all is confusing. Fortunately, Boston City Properties is familiar with the most popular apartment communities, condo complexes and other rental properties in Roxbury, so there's no need to waste a lot of valuable time figuring it all out. Boston City Properties welcomes you to Roxbury and we look forward to helping you find the best property possible!

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